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A fun and focused hands-on introduction to the design and presentation of a live-to-air radio program covering style, voice, scripting, interviewing, studio operation, communication principles and broadcasting law and ethics.

  • WHEN: T.B.A.

  • ClASS TIMES: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6pm - 8pm

  • WHERE: Murdoch University Radio Studios, South Street, Murdoch

  • COST: $330.00 (including GST.)



Radio Fremantle, in conjunction with Murdoch University, offers this comprehensive Radio Training Course at least twice a year. The course is conducted over a seven-week period with two sessions weekly. Successful graduates receive a Certificate of Completion from Murdoch University.


All the announcers you hear on Radio Fremantle are required to meet a certain level of competence and confidence before they are considered for a program. To ensure this level is met, prospective announcers must complete the Radio Training Course.


It is important to note that the enrolment fee must be fully paid in advance prior to secure a place in the course.  No late applications will be accepted.


How to Enrol


Send an email with the subject line "Training Course" to Include your name and contact details and we will get back to you to finalise your enrolment and arrange payment of your fees. You can download a detailed description, here.


Note: Occasionally, talented individuals with many years of broadcasting experience ask to join the station. If you are in this category you may be exempt from the course. However you will still be required to be assessed by the stations' training officers.


Course Outline

  • Week 1 Tue - Radio in Australia + The Radio Program
  • Week 1 Thu - Studio Demo 1 + The Radio Presenter
  • Week 2 Tue - The Radio Voice
  • Week 2 Thu - Studio Practice + Voice Skills Workshop
  • Week 3 Tue - Writing for Radio
  • Week 3 Thu - Studio Practice + Writing Skills Workshop
  • Week 4 Tue - The Radio Interview
  • Week 4 Thu - Studio Demo 2 + Interviewing Skills Workshop
  • Week 5 Tue - Law and Ethics + Revision + Desk Test Q&A
  • Week 5 Thu - Studio Practice + Revision + Desk Test Q&A
  • Week 6 Tue - Studio Practice + Revision + Desk Test Q&A
  • Week 6 Thu - DESK TEST
  • Week 7 Tue - CONCEPT TEST + Course Review + Feedback
  • Week 7 Thu Celebration + Presentation of Certificates

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