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If you need to promote a product or service, an upcoming event or a new business venture, consider becoming a sponsor on Radio Fremantle. Sponsorship is very similar to Radio Advertising. The only major difference is that, where commercial stations can play commercials every three minutes, community radio can broadcast sponsorships for a total period of five minutes in any one hour. Whilst this may be seen as a 'restrictive' service, it does have its advantages - particularly for sponsors. Having just five minutes in any one hour means that the sponsorship announcements are evenly spread throughout the day. They are not 'clustered' into blocks and your message will have more impact on your target audience.The station does not alter its output or rely on ratings. Its sole purpose is to provide and work alongside commercial radio to ensure that, as far as it is possible, the community is well catered for. Radio Fremantle has a consistent programming schedule and is proud to provide multicultural Australians the opportunity to serve their specific niche. Other comparisons are outlined in the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice and Guidelines. You can download a copy Here.



Our weekday is broken into five categories - Morning, Mid-Morning, Afternoon, Drive and Evenings. On Saturday's the categories are - Morning, Afternoon and Evening. As Sunday is devoted to our large ethnic audience, there is no specific category. However, if you are targeting a  multicultural market, you may wish to contact one of our ethnic broadcasters. As per the guidelines of the Community Broadcasting Authority, station sponsorships must include - either at the beginning or the end of each announcement or promotion  - the words 'station sponsor'.  You can download a copy of the Community Radio Codes of Practice, Here.



Our rates start as low as $110.00 for 10 spots. 45 and 60 second spots are calculated on the following basis: 60 seconds = add 50%,  45 seconds = add 25%. We provide a fixed rate which means that you, the client, nominates the day(s) of the week and the time(s) at which the announcements are to be broadcast. As a further incentive for your support, we will also feature your company on our Website at no extra charge. Sponsorship announcements will be broadcast in the general run of the station and, where possible, trafficked through programs suited to your specific business. You can download a copy of our Rate Card, Here. If your budget is stringent, you can request just a 'Placement Banner' on our website. The costs for this vary depend on the size of the banner. For example, a banner in the left or right column of the site with a measurement of 160 x 160 pixels is $50 per month plus design costs.


Putting your company message on Radio Fremantle can cost effectively harness the magic of radio to reach potential customers in places other media just can't reach. If you would like additional information please call either Dr. Ted Walker, PhD or Margaret on: (08) 9494 2100.

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